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Reconstruction of Traditional Buildings is a special category of project. The construction details together with the general image highlight the history of each building, mark the era and its creator.

The architectural tradition is the main axis on the basis of which any interventions are carried out that are clarified after a complete study of the application and materials that are to be used. The reinforcements of the load-bearing structure of these buildings, as well as the selection and use of special construction materials, are selected to meet the requirements for main seismic shielding.

The renovation of a building is a set of tasks that requires more than responsibility in all phases of the project. It imposes the perfect coordination of all the craftsmen involved and of course importance in the smallest detail in order to "resurrect" the property from its remains. Only craftsmen - craftsmen with deep knowledge of their subject and passion for what they do, can cope with the needs of a restoration.




Nature Art
Adam Vassilios

The personal company FYSIS TECHNI has been active in the field of construction for 16 years. We build - repair any type of roof, renovate traditional houses. We decorate, suggest and build outdoor space with all kinds of stone and wood. We create wood-fired barbecues with traditional and ecological materials. Our porcelain constructions are in harmony with the environment of the area.



and we will come to your place to study it, listen to your needs and suggest the ideal solution.

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