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We undertake the construction and installation of pergola, wooden roof with board for your terrace and the outside of your home, wooden fences.
With reliability and consistency we always respond to the aesthetics and the required functionality of the constructions that you desire, that is why we carefully study your space and with your guidance we design the wooden constructions that you have always dreamed of.
We choose our materials with special care and with constant information about the new techniques we make durable and elegant furniture that will accompany you for a lifetime.


  Nature Art
Adam Vassilios

The personal company FYSIS TECHNI has been active in the field of construction for 16 years. We build - repair any type of roof, renovate traditional houses. We decorate, suggest and build outdoor space with all kinds of stone and wood. We create wood-fired barbecues with traditional and ecological materials. Our porcelain constructions are in harmony with the environment of the area.


and we will come to your place to study it, listen to your needs and suggest the ideal solution.

we serve in Imathia and all of Greece by appointment